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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Punk Zine Archive

Both of us have been influenced at a core level by punk culture and politics. We like to think of the library as a DIY (that's do-it-yourself) project, an attribute that's also closely entwined with punk cultural practice. The library also collects zines and independently-published material from the 1960s on, and there are even a few older publications in similar veins.

So we were thrilled to read this morning on BoingBoing about the Punk Zine Archive, a project of Operation Phoenix Records. This isn't a token effort — this is a deep-archives-in-the-works with beautiful, high-quality scans from key zines of the oldskool punk era. There's Maximumrocknroll, Suburban Voice, HeartattaCk, Flipside, and many more on the way. Download and dig deep into these documents of idealism and political culture, and send these folks a donation!


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