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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Five more years! New shelves!

The past couple of weeks have seen great changes set in motion around the library. First, we obtained a lease renewal that will keep us in our digs at 8th and Folsom through the autumn of 2013! Five more years! We are thrilled with this news.

The lease renewal means that we are going to proceed with a modest expansion of our shelf space and a moderate rearrangement of our holdings. On Tuesday, May 20, new shelves will be built in the back portion of the room against both the left and right walls. Only the back wall with the windows will remain shelfless. We will then, starting on Wednesday, begin relocating all of the "gray boxes" (the ephemera boxes) onto the new shelves. This represents something of a departure from our original intention to keep all print media types co-housed by subject. However our ephemera collection has grown to over 500 boxes in the four years since we opened. At this scale, it became progressively impractical to co-house them with the books, maps, and periodicals on the shelves. As regular visitors well know, the gray boxes currently mostly sit on the floor in Row One, absent of any organizing principle whatsoever. Now they will be alphabetized and easily retrievable. Wednesday visitors will see the project in motion. -- MSP


Blogger tb said...

Yay! Though I'm kinda sad to see the ephemera getting separate shelving. It was such a nice idea to keep all the material mixed together.

11:15 PM  

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