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Thursday, May 29, 2008

New shelves installed!

First and foremost we owe profuse thanks to our wonderful intern Freya Channing. Without Freya's energy, we would have taken much longer to get off our duffs and finish shelving everything that was waiting to be shelved, as of April. That's done. Then last week, the new shelves were installed! Check them out. Again with Freya's help, we shelved all of the ephemera boxes that were destined for new homes on the shelves. In one fell swoop, the ephemera collection has been made tremendously more orderly, sensible, and accessible. We invite everyone who has ever taken a cursory glance through a gray box to return and dive in: Maps, pamphlets, blueprints, photos, screeds, rare gov docs, unpublished papers, drive-in menus, and much more, await those who push beyond the covers, beyond the book. Deep into the library. —MSP


Blogger Unknown said...

Looks really nice Megan and Rick. Hope shinjoung and I can see it in person in the near future. --James

10:34 AM  

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