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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Theoretical Book Club visit

It's been a hummingly busy summer in the library; a summary of summer notables will have to keep for the moment. Today's notable was the visit from eight members of San Francisco's Theoretical Book Club. It was great to meet everyone in the club. Special thanks to visit organizer Laurel Connell, and to club member Ann Marie Matheus, who made an exciting donation.

In the 1960s, Danish be-bop jazz aficionado Jorgen Grunnet Jepsen published a jazz discography covering 1942 to 1962, listing all albums, their tracks, and all of their contributing artists. I'd heard of this discography, being a be-bop listener, but hadn't seen it before. We really appreciate this nifty donation. Thank you, Ann Marie. And thanks to the shelf organization work done earlier in the summer by intern Freya Channing, there was room for it right on the jazz shelf.

Today's visit was memorable to an audiophile like me beyond the donation of the Jepsen books. With the Theoretical Book Club, at least as many conversations today were about music as were about books. Delightful. Particular thanks too to Isabella Battig who even gave me a CD to listen to. -- MSP