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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Volunteer appreciation

The library has never been in better shape. And it's only because of a dedicated core group of volunteers. In mid-April Freya Channing celebrated her first full year of working with us. Amazing! She has nearly singlehandedly spearheaded the processing of our ephemera collection. Without her full year of work on the project, the ephemera shelves would not be a well-ordered assembly of organized archival boxes.

Pamela Jackson was our right-hand assistant in the summer of 2006: Without her help we would not have been able to effectively process the collections that were transferred to and from the Internet Archive for digitization that year. She returned to working with us this spring, and is currently helping with the critical project of clarifying the internal structure of the rough-processed ephemera collection. Being a degreed librarian, she brings a sensibility for organization and paper handling to the operation that is beneficial to everyone. She taught us how to apply mylar jacket protectors to dust jackets.

Dawn Wilson is volunteering with us for six months while she and her spouse are living in San Francisco temporarily. Also a degreed librarian, Dawn is helping us refine access to our digital books collection. Her project is the construction of a series of browsable static index pages that will display links to our digital books in an organized manner. We expect her project to become public in June.

Christopher Carley, the writer and film editor, is currently volunteering to help us sort the film-related ephemera, and is also a part-time scholar in residence pursuing his own research on an ongoing basis.

We thank each of them wholeheartedly!


New Material from Kayo Books

We picked up a few jewels for the science fiction collection at Kayo Books recently. Anyone able to drop in to their store in San Francisco should make the trip. Their collection of sci-fi, mystery, and trash pulps and magazines is incomparable.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Pop-Up Magazine Review

Thanks to the Mission Mission blog for such nice words about our presentation at Pop-Up Magazine on Wednesday night! How sweet!

Visitors referred here by that blog post please go on ahead to our library main page at