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Monday, June 01, 2009

Our Maker Faire Experience

Wow, Maker Faire was incredible! The how-to library and reading room that we installed was fairly mobbed with visitors. Without the support of Freya Channing and Dawn Wilson our booth at the Faire would have been an overwhelming, even impossible job. On the first day, Saturday, we had as many visitors to our booth as we had had the previous year over the entire weekend. We estimate that around 2,000 people stopped by the booth. At least 1,000 browsed for a few minutes, and over 800 flyers were taken. Within those numbers, dozens and dozens of visitors settled into the reading room for a while and really dug in to the material. It was extremely gratifying and exciting to facilitate all these visits. We couldn't help but notice that more people visited the library at Maker Faire in one weekend than typically visit us in our home location over the course of a year. Dawn is above; Freya is also above, talking with the editors of Bay Nature magazine. More pictures are on the library's Facebook page.