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Monday, August 10, 2009

Reason / No Reason

Hmmm, interesting mashup of good week, bad week. First the Bay Guardian award, then we are tickled by the attention paid to the film archive (not to be confused with the library) by Reason magazine through the economic studies mashup film posted to its site. This mashup film is a light critical engagement with the current capital-driven economic fiasco. Yet in spite of being hosted and posted at Reason magazine it is hardly of libertarian ilk. It's thoughtfully done.

At the same time, it's a bad week here at home with the loss of our patron cat, Eddie. The phrase "no reason" refers to the sense of senselessness that tends to accompany personal loss, even though we know old age is unavoidable. Eddie has helped us to unpack boxes of books throughout all the years of our lives together. He has always minded the house while we were downtown in the library. He has helped us process the recycling, and has put out silent siren calls to bring us home when library days run too long. "Best friend of 'we' since 1993." Rest well Eddie Prelinger, 1989 - 2009. -- MSP