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Friday, July 20, 2007

Poor Melvil Dewey

The coverage of Maricopa County's departure from Dewey continues. This morning it's in the Wall Street Journal.


Blogger Emil Perhinschi said...

Full text search, that would retire the Dewey classification for good ...

If you do a research on agricultural output in the Balkans between 1850 and 1860, most library catalogs will let you down, and only luck and checking all the titles in the Hydrology, Late Modern History, Economics, Middle East, Military History etc. drawers will be of any help. What is worse, asking for 30 or 40 titles during one day and only perusing the table of contents and the indexes really bugs the librarians, and you don't want to have them as sworn enemies if you want to finish the thesis in time ... I know that, I have worked as a librarian for about sis months.

To paraphrase Mr. Henry: give me full text search or give me ... I don't know ... a job as used car salesman or Java programmer, or even some postmodern-sounding thesis topic that needs only rehashing Georg Iggers or Hannah Arendt ...

2:28 PM  

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